we care, we live

i saw this show where a comedian was talking about how she ended up being adopted. she said that she had been abandoned in a ditch as an infant, and was found by a caretaker who thought she was dead. when she realized the baby was still breathing, though faintly, she took her back to the hospital where they then proceeded to treat her using kangaroo care. i had no idea what kangaroo care entailed but the comedian explained that through skin to skin contact, in her case it was chest to chest, an infant can have its conditions stabilized. the woman said that it saved her life.

how amazing isn’t that? that feeling the heartbeat and body heat of another person can literally bring you back to life. we need each other to survive, we need to care for each other to live. one has, for instance, heard about people dying because they didn’t get any love growing up, and this basically says the same thing. if there are cases that indicate that physical health is dependent on love and care, then there should be no doubt in the importance of relationships when it comes to your mental and emotional well-being as well.

so when people say that they don’t need other people, that they’re just fine on their own – that’s bullshit. it’s a fact that we need to reach out, and we need to let people in. love is essential to our survival.

(gif from lost in translation)

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