les rallizes dénudés

les rallizes dénudés (裸のラリーズ, hadaka no rallizes). a japanese band, active between the years 1967 and 1996.

avant-garde, experimental rock, noise rock, psychedelic rock, garage rock, protopunk, acid rock, folk.

past members: takashi mizutani, takashi kato, takashi tada, moriaki wakabayashi, tsutomu matsumoto, takeshi nakamura, shunichiro shodal, hiroshi nar, fujio yamaguchi, toshirou mimaki, makoto kubota.

formed at kyoto university, after having been a musical theatre troupe. style is typified by simple, repeated bass lines and drum rhythms. shrieking. cacophonous guitar feedback. improvisation. discography nearly exclusively consists of live bootlegs. they never officially released any of their material. lead guitarist/singer takashi mizutani sang in a fabricated “french-beatnik-japanese creole”.

in 1970, original bass player moriaki wakabayashi was involved in the hijacking of japan airlines flight 351. he has been living in north korea since. mizutani was allegedly offered a role, but turned it down. he kept a low profile after the incident.

not much is known about the present lives of the band members.