i love fashion as a creative outlet. i love the idea of becoming a physical representation, a manifestation of your fantasy. what you want to portray, what you want to convey. you can set up an atmosphere around yourself, through a look. and you can change atmospheres whichever way you want, create so many personas. so many worlds, even through the simplest means. i just love the way that world and character building is merged with your physical self, and how both components feed off each other to create something more than the theoretical concept in mind. add a touch of humanness to aesthetics and you get something truly inspired. 

(baby you know i tried, can’t lose you from my life)

being born and raised in sweden with african parents gives you a pretty nuanced and complicated view on race and identity. it’s the “are you swedish or african?”. it’s the “where in africa are you from?”. it’s the “eritrea? is that in africa?”. it’s the “are both your parents from africa?”. and lastly, it’s the “oh, you don’t look african! at least not completely…”. i love my heritage, and i’ve learned to accept and embrace the complexity of my background. it’s a bit of a mess, but it’s a damn beautiful one.


an aesthetically enhanced version of what african roots + western influences look like. i love solange for showing that –  the existence of a fusion and the wonderful reality of it. she’s fabulous.


tell me the truth boy, am i losing you for good?
we used to kiss all night but now there’s just no use
i don’t know why i fight it, clearly we are through
tell me the truth boy, am i losing you for good?